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From stainless steel to enamel kitchenware, Be De Jour has an amazing range of stylish and trendy metal additions for your home. Add that something special to your table with our metal range. Before utensils, everything was finger food. Archaeological evidence shows that humans had been using knives since prehistoric times as weapons and eating utensils. The word for spoon in both Greek and Latin is cochlea, which means a spiral-shaped snail shell, suggesting that shells were the spoon of choice in Southern Europe. Judging by the Anglo-Saxon word spoon, which means a chip or splinter of wood, showing that Northern Europeans were using other materials.


In the 11th century, a Byzantium princess floated her delicate, two-tined golden fork at her wedding. Aristocrats would use one knife to cut the food and a second to spear and eat it. Back in the Middle Ages in Europe, the rule was to carry your own knife, usually in a sheath at your belt. During the time of Louis XIV, knives used to cut and eat dinner were sharply pointed to spear food as well as cut it, they also doubled as weapons. The need for a pointed knife at the table lessened, and that’s where Louis comes in. In 1669, the French king ruled all pointed knives at the dinner tables to be illegal. As such, the utensils were ground down to prevent violence.