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Beau De Jour stocks amongst some of the world’s best glass for the home. Our glass range includes trendy airtight mason jars that are fantastic for storage along with sets of mock science equipment perfect for use in the kitchen or for keeping a couple of freshly cut flower stems from your garden or picked up from the store while doing your turn around town.


Glass is believed to have been discovered in Egypt around 8000 BC, when overheating of kilns produced a colored glaze on the pottery. Experts estimate that it was not until 1500 BC that glass was produced independently of ceramics and fashioned into separate items. With technology and superior design, the world of world glasswork has so much more to offer today.


The Beau De Jour glass range encompasses unique, stylish and modern design, it is just absolutely the perfect addition to every modern kitchen and home today. Beau De Jour’s high-quality glassware range is practical and pleasant on the eyes. The Beau De Jour glass range in our collection is ever expanding, so, please check back regularly to see what is new.