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From stainless steel to enamel kitchenware, Be De Jour has an amazing range of stylish and trendy metal additions for your home. Add that something special with our metal range. With durable and practical products, trendy designs and quality materials, Beau De Jour ensures a fabulous selection to choose from in our enamel range.


In the Middle Ages the metal industry was in its infancy. Furnaces for melting metal were constructed of natural materials. When synthetic materials with better resistance to high temperatures (called refractories) were developed in the 16th century, the industrial revolution was born creating conditions for melting metals and glass on an industrial scale.


To begin with, cooking pots were lined inside with enamel, but they looked like any other cast iron cookware on the outside. People wanted a way of coating iron to stop metallic tastes or rust getting into food, something acid-resistant and easy to clean, more durable than the tin linings used on the inside of copper pots. Enamel cookware hits the market in the 1760s in Germany.