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The Beau De Jour health and beauty range includes quality hand lotions, liquid hand soaps and luxury room sprays. This is without a doubt the best smelling range in the entire Beau De Jour collection. The products in this range add that something special to your home and living environment, your office, workspace or reception area.


Atmosphere is defined as the mood, character, quality and tone; particularly of an environment. It is what surrounds or encompasses an environment. A variety of compounds have been used over the past two millennia for their abilities to create pleasant aromas and create ambiance. Fragrances have been used to mask odors since antiquity.


From perfumed banquets of ancient Greece, European royalty and Middle Eastern ceremony, rose, musk, amber, frankincense and myrrh, floral, fruit and herbal fragrances have always been associated with magic, healing, personal aromas and sexual power. Tap into the world around you; embrace your atmosphere, love your body and your environment.